A Tribute to Larry and Pearl's 50 Years at Camp Robin Hood
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Save the Date: Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Look who is going to be celebrating with Larry and Pearl on February 24th:

Howie Grossinger & Sari Bell-Grossinger
Jordanna, Cole & Zane Grossinger
Patti & Darren Stulberg
Rose Stein
Jessica and Lesley Stulberg
Lilli Greenspoon
Eric Grove
John Bell
Ehren Gluckstein
Marvin & Victoria Sadowski
Jeff & Renata Bradshaw
Grant Gold
Bobby & Yally Ross
Lorne Glass
Michael & Daphne Perkins
Kevin Klayman
Mary-Anne Talbot
Meier & Honey Miller
Daniel Miller
Ilana Miller
Adam & Shari Miller
David & Anne Graham
Ali Zweig & Michael Vanderheym
Nicole Markowitz
Mark & Cheryl Steiner
Nancy & Rick Brown
Cheryl Bernknopf
Michael & Marina Cohen
Lawrence & Cheryl Englander
Adam Kronick & Dana Zosky
Joe & Doreen Kronick
Elaine Cole
Sari & Brian Greenwood
Sol & Jen Birenbaum
Shane Miskin
Rob Carmichael
Lindsay Bisset
Robin & Philip Perlmutter
Jared Perlmutter
Howard & Barb Oretsky
Wes Cooper
Renate Anderson-Mcilroy
Lisa Feinstein
Jeff and Zelda Farber
Mitchell Goldstein and Estelle Elmaleh
Sheldon Gasee and Tina Camp
Bev and Jeff Unger
Lynn and Jim Taylor
Joe Gilinsky
Adam Caplan
Jenny Lee Shee
Seth & Roberta Cole
Bernie & Miriam Gasee
Mitchell Goldstein & Estelle Elmaleh
Linda & Moishe Grossinger
Jason Marcovitch
Carly Reed & Loren Erlich
Kim Smith
Marilyn Smith
Jay & Sandra Taradash
Susan Greenbloom
Mykl Greenbloom & Elise Yanover
Bess Greenbloom
Barry Arbus & Karen Steele
Jody & Uli Laor
Sheila & Jerry Zeidenberg
Brenda & Paul Goldstein
Michelle Abbott & Adam Perzow
Maury Greenberg
Elenna Mosoff
Patti Thom
Janice & Sheldon Baryshnik
Ellen Spigelman
Brian Ziedenberg & Tracey Lazare
Sally Moore
Rhonda Brown
Anthony Cooper, Lisa Cooper, Andrew Cooper
Mary Brigham
Garry Gossling
Glen Hincks
Nancy Riste
Jocelyn Palm
Gavin Brauer
Gary Hyde
Barbara Gray
Nat & Ruth Cohen
Todd Greenbloom
Steven & Miriam Leder
Brianna, Kaitlyn, Zachary and Rebecca Unger
Paul Rajchgod & Jennifer Ralston
Jonathan Lightman
Wendy Mackenzie
Dene & Glenn Cohen
Ellen Nash
Tommy & Marilyn Bacher
Adam & Reesa Karch (Bacher)
Mark & Jill Ziedenberg
Lowell & Lara Brown
Brett Cockburn & Victoria Anderson
Daniel Carson
Brandon & Lindsey Frimet
Pauline Abbott-Till
Michael Brandwein
Dory Carson
Candice & Dave Schlosser
Katy Pitch
Marilee MacFarlane
Bob & Jeanne Jones
Judy & Michael Litvak
Henry & Ella Kos
Peter Nkansah & Chantal Thibault
Jeff & Sue Masterson
Paul & Kerry Grossinger
Julie Bozsoki
Kathleen Cartier
Marjorie Booth
Andrea Goldstein
Eric & Dana Kam
Karen Smith
Dina & Jeff Farber
Mark Diamond
Jeff Wilson
Lisa & Jonathan Weinberg
David & Natalie Rashkovan
Shelly & Samantha Bacher
John & Barb Jorgenson
Jake Benbihy & Rachel Moses
Eric & Cynthia Shendelman
Herb Bell
Caryl Colton
Mel Goldman
Jordan Goldman
Joe & Kathy Resnick
Phil & Ruth Markel
Bobbi Benson
Chris Ford
Melissa Shessel
Fern & Gerry Shessel
Andrea & Michael Kleinhandler
Howard & Emily Snow
Don Kemball & Amber Scaife
Rick & Nili Bosson
David & Susan Isen
Davelle Morrison
Freda Papoff
Jeff Shaw
Rose Attard & Aj Newans
Michael Waxman
Ben Fagan
Charles & Aimee Goldman
Karen Dinsmore
Shelley Pollock (Silverberg)
Melissa Snider-Adler
Mary Johnson
Josh Taerk
Maddie Wilkinson
Bob & Mona Amirault
Jeff Bowman
Jason Gregor
Michael Gregor
Jacqueline Harper
John Malcolmson
Dimitri Magirias
Dennis & Lorraine Ashworth
Boris Bytensky & Anna Tenhouse
Emma Ritchie
Karen Seidman
Skip Connett
Justin & Anna Gerson
Lynn Spiegel & Lawrence Feld
Bud Warton
Julie Down
Joan Down
Andrea Finkeldey
Diane Blair
Jessica Baines
Lauren Dickler
Marc Cooper
Melinda Bors & Darin Kluck
Carmella & Mark Gelgor
Jason Da'Rocha & Annissa Lall
Tuan Duong
Natalie Abbott
David & Natalie Rashkovan
Ben & Jill Lustig
Ilyse Lustig
Ted Margel
Randi Szymkowicz
Jen Atlin & Zach Kerekes
Carolyn Bacher & Larry Davidson
Michael Bacher & Robyn Greenwood
Dan & Gillian McBride
Mary Casey
Bill Stevens
Ron Forster & Linda Silver
Lorne Berger & Keren Grinberg
Duncan & Alyson Robertson
Kristen Morrison
David Lepofsky
Michael Shiner
Marshall Starkman
Ronald & Linda Morris
Cecil & Elaine Brauer
John Bacher
Sari Merson
Brooke Miller
Randy Friedland
Jack Siegel
Kerry Kurczak Siegel
Andrew & Salmaa Gold
Steven, Carol and Dustin Kazman
Randy Stein & Deborah Ptak
Stephen & Janet Fine
Paul Druzin
Mark Rovet
Jonathan & Karen Rapoport
Jeff Lee
Randi Druzin
Peter Truman
Mike Gluckstein
Rebecca & David Ehrlich
Jon Cohen
Ellen & Rick Howard
Stephen Polevoy
Jill Dundas
Alex Robertson
Norah Shaughnessy
Leonard & Debby Silverberg
Heidi Kroach
Melissa Sachter-Coleman
Michael Sachter
Marcie Goldenberg
Darrin Graham
Jill & Adam Bienenstock
Greg & Chryssi Reid
Josh Bradshaw
Stuart Sinukoff
Heather Heagle
Lorne Birnbaum
Allison King
Ryan Morris
Barb Weeden
Larry Bacher
Michelle Burke & Jordan Antflick
Avery & Debbie Teplinsky
Darcy McAlear
Andrea Flanders
Barry Stein
Richard Perry
Amanda Tetro
Ryan Minster
Jared Krybus
Andrew Judelman
Mike & Mary-Lynn Sheridan
Mark Dodick
Janice Debow Maser
Lisa Debow
Susan Koffman
Paul Diker
Erika & Rob Gabinet
Debbie Bailis
Ben Murray
Devan Moodley & Jennifer Wilson
Jackie Miller
Drew Gulyas & Hilary Smith
Larry Harrison & Ashley Harrison
Amy Tokayer
Alan Bossin
Tim Orr

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Bells Celebrate 50 Years at Camp Robin Hood

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Take the Larry and Pearl Quiz!

Take the Larry and Pearl Quiz!

The Story of Larry and Pearl

As you know, this summer will mark 50 years in camping for Larry and Pearl. For the past few months we have shared with you the impact that they have had on us, some great pictures and some interesting facts. With the summer around the corner, we thought we would share some of Larry and Pearls memories of their first summer at Robin Hood and a few of their thoughts and memories of the past 50 years.

How did it all begin you might ask. Well, it all started when Larry was a popular student, athlete and prefect at Forest Hill Collegiate. He noticed Pearl, the new tennis playing student from Sarnia, but did not really include her amongst his friends. Then one day, Larry was giving his cousin, a nursing student, a ride home from University of Toronto and his cousin asked if he would mind giving a ride to her friend as well. Of course, Larry said “yes”, the friend was Pearl and the rest is history. So started an incredible journey.

In 1961, Larry and Pearl responded to an ad for staff for a day camp. Larry was a competitive swimmer and a Phys Ed student and Pearl was in nursing. Larry was hired as the Swim Director and Pearl was hired as a nurse. The camp was not yet at the current Markham location but at Sportsland Park at Highways 400 and 7, just outside of Toronto.

Pearl’s earliest memories of camp include an infirmary with no running water and no building. Things certainly have changed since then. We now have a Health Centre with so much more and lots of running water. One of the first things that Larry remembers about the Markham site was the lack of grass. Camp was due to start in just weeks and there was no grass. So, they laid sod and nurtured it so that by the time the first bus rolled in, there was enough green grass for all to enjoy.

As the world started to embrace technology, Larry always seemed to be two steps ahead. He remembers being the first camp to use a computer. He also remembers how his first computer blew up when it was first plugged in. It was a 32k Radio Shack model. That was soon followed by the first hard drive that set Larry back a fair sum, but he had to have it. There continue to be so many firsts that Larry was and is still a part of.

Pearl has many great memories of watching her family grow and thrive at camp. She can still picture Sari bouncing in her jolly jumper in the door frame of the infirmary (now called the Health Centre) . Raising Sari and Michelle at camp and having them be a part of the camp family is something that Pearl could not imagine happening any other way.

So many of our summer memories revolve around Larry, Pearl and Camp Robin Hood, and so many of their memories revolve around Camp Robin Hood and us. We can’t wait to share all these amazing times with you and all of our Robin Hood family at the Tribute Dinner on February 24, 2011.

Mark it on your calendar.
We look forward to seeing you there!


Matches Made at Robin Hood

"Summer lovin' had me a blast, Summer lovin' happened so fast, I met a girl crazy for me...Met a boy cute as can be...Summer days driftin' away to uh-oh those summer nights..."

We all remember the Friday Night socials and the NCIC's (new couples in camp).

It happens every summer. For some, these summer romances have resulted in Matches Made at Robin Hood. Larry and Pearl have a rather large family tree that includes all of these matches.
Check it out!